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Strategic Priorities

UCQ Strategic Plan 2015 - 2018


Recruiting high quality students and providing excellence in the student experience

In the past few years, the number of highly qualified candidates for admission has increased substantially. As such, UCQ is able to fill the limited available seats with the most highly qualified students. UCQ continues to graduate increasing numbers of nurses each year, and to elevate both enrolment and program offerings as resources allow. UCQ recognizes that it cannot fill the burgeoning need for nurses in Qatar in the coming years and therefore will focus strategic efforts on attracting and keeping the brightest and best that Qatar has to offer, and on graduating as many nurses as possible.

Our strategic focus on students includes goals for:

A. Developing a Strong Recruitment Strategy

A1. Focusing on increasing the percentage of Qatari students in all programs

One of Qatar’s goals is to increase the participation of Qataris in the workforce, including professional and management roles within health and education. UCQ plans to increase the number of qualified Qataris who apply for and are admitted into our programs, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

A2. Strategically increasing overall student enrolment as human and physical resources allow

The State of Qatar places importance on efficiency and fiscal responsibility. UCQ is committed to delivering quality programs while utilizing resources efficiently. Strategic efforts will be made to continue to increase student enrollment while being accountable for the effective use of resources.

A3. Establishing a niche market with dedicated programming, especially at the graduate level

UCQ will not be able, with the current level of human and physical resources, to respond to and fill the urgent need for nurses in Qatar. As such, it will focus on programming that fills the highest need in the county as determined through ongoing conversations with stakeholders.

B. Ensuring Ongoing, Student-Centred, Quality Learning Experiences

B1. Engaging in and integrating research in teaching and learning

All faculty will be encouraged and supported in research efforts to improve teaching and learning.

B2. Bringing evidence-based practice into the classroom

All faculty are expected to transfer knowledge gained through research, both their own and others’, into their teaching practice.

B3. Continuously improving the quality of programs through increased breadth and depth in the curriculum

Ongoing program and curriculum review at all levels will ensure up-to-date and relevant student learning.

B4. Supporting students in their learning, both inside and outside the classroom

Students are encouraged and facilitated in the use of all academic supports available on campus. Students further their learning through clubs and off-campus events in addition to participating in initiatives such as health awareness campaigns and promotion of social justice and human rights.

B5. Encouraging best practice in pedagogical and student use of technology by ensuring easy access and appropriate support mechanisms are in place

Support will be provided to teach the teachers, facilitating the effective use of technology in the classroom. Students will have access to their work through cloud technology regardless of their location.


Growing a stable and sustainable organization

UCQ has expanded its faculty and staff complements to serve the increasing numbers of students. UCQ’s commitment to fiscal responsibility enabled UCQ to re-think how it operates and structures its programs to meet financial realities. This includes revisiting its academic and administrative programs and ensuring resources are used in the most effective and efficient way. Currently an increasing number of faculty and staff are choosing to commit to longer periods of employment. UCQ needs to ensure that policies and processes are in place to encourage longevity, thus sustaining continuity and mitigating institutional memory loss.

Our strategic focus on stability includes:

A. Improving teaching capacity to ensure faculty success in the cultural context of transnational education and foreign language learning

Faculty who come to UCQ with little or no experience teaching in a foreign culture may struggle with how to adapt their teaching styles to foreign language learners. Additionally, it may be difficult for them to assist students in ways that the students find useful and appropriate. Peer and faculty support systems will continue to mentor and assist new faculty to ensure success and assist in retention.

B. Succession planning to mitigate institutional memory loss

Faculty members create systems and processes and build relationships in the community that help support their teaching and research. Likewise over time, staff members have also developed systems and processes to fit the administrative work into the cultural framework. Often when an employee leaves, the hard work that has gone into the creation and building of those foundations leaves as well. Systems will be put in place to capture the work and the results of that work in establishing policies, procedures and processes. This supports the stability of the organization through continuity in planning and implementation of initiatives.

C. Growing, supporting, and fostering excellence in teaching and scholarship

Faculty are encouraged to engage in research related to teaching and learning, and in other areas of interest. UCQ will support the needs of faculty to ensure a rich and robust program of research. These research programs, coupled with other professional development opportunities will encourage faculty retention and program stability.

D. Becoming a destination institution for faculty, staff, and students

As UCQ becomes a strong, stable organization, with high rates of faculty, staff, and student retention and morale, it will continue to attract high quality faculty, staff, and students.


Increasing external recognition and community engagement

UCQ has built a number of strong education and practice partnerships in the country and continues to work closely with these partners. As UCQ looks to deepen its role in healthcare and to continue to recruit high quality students, it needs to expand these partnerships and to increase its visibility in all sectors.

This strategic priority will be met by:

A. Increasing partnerships through collaboration, including growth in student sponsorship

UCQ will explore partnerships with additional healthcare providers, with the ministries of Health and Education, and with other public agencies, such as the Military, and with private industry to increase its partnership base and provide further stability in student recruitment and sponsorship.

B. Increasing institutional recognition and visibility

UCQ is well-recognized by its current partners for the value it brings to the nursing profession and to the image of the nurse in society. There is work to be done, however, in the broader community to raise the profile both of nursing and of the institution. UCQ will engage in strategic endeavors that seek to raise its institutional recognition in Qatar, including open and public events that raise awareness of the work happening at UCQ.

C. Elevating the image of the nurse

UCQ graduates will transform nursing in Qatar. They are the biggest advocates of nursing and their work will bring about the necessary changes in mindset required to recognize nursing as a valued and valuable profession.

D. Building linkages and fostering relationships with alumni

With 132 graduates, UCQ is entering a stage where alumni activity and relationship building are of increasing importance. Alumni are some of the most passionate advocates of UCQ and engaging them through an alumni committee is the first step in building the UCQ alumni community. Other support mechanisms such as continuing professional development opportunities will also be explored.


Strengthening the healthcare system in Qatar

A cornerstone of the Qatar National Vision for 2030 is a physically and mentally healthy population. Strengthening Qatar’s healthcare system and the development of a national workforce capable of providing high-quality health services are central in achieving this goal. UCQ is proud to have a lead role in supporting this vision. As such, UCQ will continue to focus strategic efforts on graduating nurse leaders and will leverage faculty expertise in the areas of professional development, research, and participation on healthcare boards and committees, to contribute to the long-term stability and growth of Qatar’s healthcare system.

This strategic priority will be met by:

A. Training nurse leaders through the Master of Nursing program

UCQ’s Master of Nursing (MN) program is designed to further develop a national workforce capable of delivering high-quality health services and research. Graduates of the MN program will drive the quality and good management of the country’s maturing health services. Strategic efforts will be made to continue to grow the graduate program and match the changing needs of the nursing profession in Qatar.

B. Engaging in and sharing research

Faculty are encouraged to engage in personal and inter-professional research in the areas of health and education through the National Priorities Research Program (NPRP) and other grants. This research will improve education and health in Qatar. Support is provided for the application and management of NPRP grants.

C. Creating professional development opportunities for healthcare providers

UCQ will become an approved provider of continuing professional development (CPD) under the Supreme Council of Health. CPD is mandated for all healthcare professionals practicing in Qatar. UCQ will develop and deliver CPD opportunities which will expand the knowledge base and skills of healthcare professionals.

D. Working collaboratively and sharing expertise with healthcare leaders in Qatar

Faculty share knowledge and expertise while collaborating with healthcare leaders in Qatar through participation on external boards and committees. These partnerships contribute to influencing positive change and growth within Qatar’s healthcare system. UCQ will continue to seek opportunities for further involvement and collaboration.

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