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UCQ Strategic Plan 2015 - 2018

It is with pride that I introduce you to the University of Calgary in Qatar’s (UCQ) Strategic Plan for 2015-2018.

Qatar National Vision 2030 charts a course for the country that includes goals for both an educated and a healthy population. Qatar’s strategies for development, health and research guide the way to achieving these goals. Eyes High is the vision set for the University of Calgary to “be one of Canada’s top five research universities, fully engaging the communities we both serve and lead.” In support of this vision, academic and research plans have been collaboratively developed. It is within this transnational context that UCQ came into being and continues to strive towards becoming the “model for excellence in international nursing education, practice and scholarship.

The University of Calgary in Qatar is at the forefront of health promotion and disease prevention in Qatar. While educating the future nurses of Qatar, UCQ engages individuals, families, and communities in activities designed to enhance family capacity to attain and improve health. Our nursing students and graduates practice in the community, in primary health centres, in clinics and schools, and in acute care hospitals. Our programs exemplify a vision of modern nursing that develops graduates who deliver evidence-based healthcare, are strong critical thinkers, and act as change agents, whose focus is the entire family.

This strategic plan will guide UCQ to new ways of delivering what it promises — to the State of Qatar, to the University of Calgary in Canada, and to the people who live and work in this great country. UCQ’s accredited, Canadian, gold standard nursing programs are taught by highly qualified and dedicated faculty. UCQ’s commitment to excellence is both raising the profile of the professional nurse in Qatar and guiding nursing and healthcare to new heights.

From 2015-2018, UCQ will focus on four priority areas to achieve its vision and mission in alignment with the vision, mission, and goals of Qatar and of the University of Calgary. These priorities are:

  • Students: recruiting high quality students and providing excellence in the student experience
  • Stability: growing a stable and sustainable organization
  • Stakeholders: increasing external recognition and community engagement
  • Systems: strengthening the healthcare system in Qatar


Kim A. Critchley, RN, PhD
Dean & CEO
University of Calgary in Qatar

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