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About University of Calgary in Qatar

About University of Calgary in Qatar, photo by John Gulka

University of Calgary in Qatar - Doha, Qatar. Photo by John Gulka.

The University of Calgary in Qatar (UCQ) is the first overseas branch campus of the University of Calgary. UCQ's mandate is to deliver the same excellence in nursing education and research success as that of the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Calgary. Since 2007 UCQ has been a proud participant in the Qatar National Vision 2030 by educating the future nurse leaders to take their places at the forefront of Qatar's world class health care system.

Education at UCQ

The education at UCQ is identical in both quality and standards to the nursing program in Calgary. Courses completed in Qatar are recognized by programs at the Calgary campus, and by other post-secondary institutions in the same manner as those offered on the main campus.

The constant emphasis on excellence in education, by both the University of Calgary in Qatar and the State of Qatar, ensures the degrees awarded through UCQ are equal to the highest standard of nursing degrees offered anywhere in the world.

The programs we offer are:

The University of Calgary

As of one of Canada's leading universities, University of Calgary is a comprehensive research institution supporting over 100 academic programs and 80 research centres, inspiring discovery, creativity and innovations across all disciplines with a particular focus on health and wellness. The University of Calgary has a clear strategic direction - Eyes High - to become one of Canada's top five research universities by 2016, grounded in innovating learning and teaching and fully integrated with the community.

The University of Calgary is honoured to have been chosen by the State of Qatar to bring its Nursing program to Qatar.

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