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Where to Find Help

Sometimes it can seem overwhelming trying to figure out where to turn for help. If you have questions or concerns and you're not sure where to find the help you need, please see the table below to help guide you. The staff and faculty here are devoted to helping you succeed.

Breastfeeding Room A private, comfortable, and safe environment in which mothers can feed, express, and store breast milk. G54A
Campus Security - Call (482-5605) Responsible for the security of people on campus and for the protection of university property.

Students must respect and listen to the security guards. Inappropriate behaviour will be reported to university officials
Located around campus, including all major entrances.
Clinical Simulation Centre
  • Practice clinical skills
  • Development of new clinical skills
Counseling Office Academic Help
  • Adjusting to life as a university student
  • Study skills (procrastination, exam anxiety)
  • Time management (balancing family/work and academic responsibilities)
Personal Help
  • Managing stress
  • Interpersonal difficulties and conflict resolution
  • Making important life decisions
  • Feelings of sadness, anger, or fear
  • Dealing with a life-threatening illness, death of a loved one or a patient
The counseling office is a safe, non-judgmental and confidential space where you can talk about everything.
EAPP Support English language assistance G25
Finance Invoicing
Payment of Fees
Online Accident Reporting System (OARS) Environment, Health & Support's online system to report accidents and incidents.
Information Technology (IT) Wireless internet help
Assistance with classroom technology
Language Resource Centre English language skills development F31
Learning Commons Research skills - help selecting appropriate research resources
Writing Skills - academic writing assistance
Study Space - quiet individual study areas
Group discussion rooms for project collaboration
Marketing & Communications Volunteering for promotional materials and events
Student Ambassadors program
Student Services

Main Building G24
Phone: 4406 5222

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If you're still unsure where to turn to help, feel free to stop by Student Services or email us at

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