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The University Bookstore is located near the main entrance to the main administration building on the first floor. It is currently only open for limited hours at the beginning of each semester.

Frequently asked questions

Q) How will I pick up my books?

A) If you are attending day classes you can stop by the bookstore during open hours of operation, fill out the bookstore order form and collect your books. When you are finished present your form and books to the bookstore attendant for verification. If you are attending evening classes and can pick your books up during the hours of operation, you are encouraged to do so.

Q) What if I am attending evening classes and cannot pick up my books during the hours of operation?

A) You will be given a bookstore order form during your class which can be submitted to the instructor at the end of class. Your books will be packaged and delivered to your evening class for distribution. You can also print off the bookstore order form from the link below before class and hand in during classes.

Q) What if I didn't attend the first session of evening classes, can I still have my books delivered?

A) You will need to print off a bookstore order form from the link below, fill it out and submit the form to your instructor.

Q) How will I pay for my books? Will I need to pay at the time of collection?

A) No, the bookstore order form will need to be filled out, signed and submitted during collection of the books from the bookstore. The cost of the books will be added to your invoice that you will receive after the course Add/Drop without financial penalty date.

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