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University of Calgary in Qatar - Current Students

A university education is about more than just courses and degrees. It is a full experience, one that occurs both inside and outside of the classroom. You will form lifelong friendships, learn about yourself and the world, and realize your dreams. Visit this site for a list of events and activities on campus that you might be interested in.

Student Information

Find all the information you need to be successful in your academic career including the following information:

UCQ Basics
Tuition Fees & Sponsorship
USRI Instructions
Student Feedback Form

Program Information

Looking for program specific information? Check out the following new sections:

Bachelor of Nursing, Regular Track
Bachelor of Nursing, Post Diploma
Master of Nursing
Nursing Foundation

Need Help?

Need a little help to get started? Find all the contact information you need in one spot.

Help and Resources
Counseling Services
Contact Student Services

Campus Life

A university education is not all about academics. UCQ offers student programming and an active club scene to keep you engaged during your studies.

Campus Life Home
Athletics and Recreation

Health & Wellness

A balanced lifestyle between school, work and family is important. UCQ is proud to offer its students a variety of programs to help students achieve a balanced life.

Health & Wellness Home Counseling Services

Resources & Centres

Make the most of UCQ by taking advantage of what the campus has to offer. Find links below to the variety of support centres to help you along your way:

Resources & Centres Home
Learning Commons
Clinical Simulation Centre
Language Resource Centre

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