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Students Organize Charity Week to Support Needy Children Around the World

October 29, 2017
Ivan Giesbrecht

Students at the University of Calgary in Qatar recently hosted their annual Charity Week event to raise much-needed funds and awareness for children living in crisis situations around the world. Throughout the week student representatives organized bake sales, tree plantings, nursing skills competitions, games, and other events to raise money to support charities working to improve the lives of children in war torn countries.

Charity Week at UCQ - photo by Ian Philip Thompson

“Many people are suffering in the world,” explained Ayat Kadhi, a third-year student and Charity Week organizer. “Qatar right now is in a good place and we have everything, so why shouldn’t we help others? We are all part of the same community and they need our help. As students, we can’t do it all ourselves, so being part of something bigger like Charity Week is a way we can all help.”

Funds raised will go to medical, food, education, and harm reduction programs for vulnerable children living in Myanmar, Yemen, Gaza, Somalia, Syria, Turkey, Malawi, and Greece.

“Charity Week is an important event on our campus,” said Craig Wood, Director of Student Services. “I’m really proud of our students who take such an active interest in charity and then take the extra step each year to plan all the fund-raising activities. I think it’s a great example of the quality of students we have here and the vibrant student life we have on campus.”

Charity Week at UCQ - photo by Ian Philip Thompson

Given the desert climate in Qatar, it’s not surprising that planting more trees on the UCQ campus was a particularly popular event for students, staff, and faculty.

According to Aya Al Bahri, one of Charity Week organizers, planting trees is important in Islamic culture. “Historically, it’s known that people who plant or take care of trees receive a blessing,” this third-year student explains. “Back in the day there was a lot of travel across deserts and people needed shady places to rest. So, to provide them with a tree under which to rest is a good thing. For us, in these days, planting trees is also an activity for the green life of our university. Rather than just donating money into a box, student can help someone in need and actually do something. This way they can see their own tree whenever they are walking on campus.”

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