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The University of Calgary in Qatar offers two unique streams leading to a Bachelor of Nursing Degree as well as a Nursing Diploma. If you are not sure what program you should be applying to, come visit Student Services or contact us at ucqstudentservices@ucalgary.edu.qa.

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students at UCQ

We are diverse. Currently we have 463 students of 33 different nationalities.


Canadian faculty

We are bringing qualified faculty members to Qatar to help enrich Qatar's health and wellness.


research application success rate

We are active contributors and leaders in the Qatar research community.

Recent News | الأخبار

  • A woman brings her husband to the hospital’s Emergency Department. He has Type 1 diabetes and has been taking insulin shots regularly for the past year. This week he came down with a stomach flu, and a couple of days ago stopped taking the insulin. Now he is confused and upset and needs medical care. A team of 72 nursing and pharmacy students go to work on assessing him and prescribing treatment
  • University of Calgary in Qatar (UCQ) student and future nursing leader Sara Al Marri recognizes a great idea when she sees one.
  • The University of Calgary in Qatar (UCQ) brought together a number of their community partners as they offered potential students an opportunity to learn more about the nursing program and the potential job opportunities available for its graduates.

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We are located on Al Furousiya Road in Al Rayyan, opposite the Horse Race Track. For specific departments, please visit our contact page.

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